Debbie gives talks on various musical topics.

As a professional singer, actress, and coach, Debbie delights in introducing people to the joys of music – not only through performance but through add-on or stand-alone talks and presentations.

American Round-Up – 1st series & 2

This is a fun talk to introduce you to American composers with fun stories of their lives with a bit of singing thrown in from my 1 woman show – Miss Givings.

It was created to help people understand, not only the music better, but also the people behind this amazing music. It’s going from the 19th century carrying into the middle of the 20th Century.

Northern Lights – Talk on Canadian Classical Composers

As, Debbie hails from Canada it only stands to reason that she would want to talk about composers from her country of origin. The music is based around the last 20th Century writers and would introduce you to some of the classical composers from the last 100 years.

What is cabaret?

This is a talk on how cabaret started, why it is still alive and well today and what a wide world of entertainment it includes.

It’s a great way to see and hear about this often misunderstood form of performance.

For more information or to discuss your group’s requirements, please get in touch via the contact page.

Programs can be tailored to your needs.

Fees start from as little as £90, plus travel expenses for non-local destinations.

To get quotes for prices or any other questions, please contact her here.


“Thank-you so much for a really entertaining evening – we all enjoyed it so much” – Sheila Southwell – Burgess Hill Music Society

“I enjoyed (American Round-Up) very much; the right amount of talking and listening to music” – Claire Rhodes – Portslade Music Society

• “(Liked) the humor and the ‘infectious’ delivery – very informative.” – Sheila Baines – FRMS National Conference 2010

• “Thank you so much for gracing our stage and giving us such an interesting presentation about one of my favourite musical themes…it was very successful.” – Graham Kiteley – Organizer, FRMS National Conference 2010


As a compère, Debbie has been strutting her stuff across many events for well over a decade. She can introduce live acts, draw attention to stalls and workshops, dance with little care in the world, and flirt with old men/women (gender fluidity here) to ensure your event moves along swiftly.

She has sung in Prince Charles front garden, sung under Covent Garden, and on the London Underground, she’s willing to even host your event on the moon if it called for it!

Having faced Anne Robinson on the Weakest Link and not been the 1st contestant off, has helped build up a great resilience to work with any crowd.

Debbie has produced and hosted her own radio shows and is currently hosting her latest web series – Odes to Joy, check these out here.

To get quotes for prices or any other questions, please contact her here.